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Featuring vital information to help keep your love relationships on the right track!

Do you always feel that you have to protect yourself in relationships?

Woman protecting herself in a relationship.

Perhaps this web site can help you meet a high quality good guy! And, you can finally take off the gloves!

Are you floating on cloud nine? Do you think that the man you just started dating could be “the one” for you?

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Before you find yourself day dreaming about walking down the aisle and what you will name your children…you might want to read my web site carefully!

Do your friends support your choices in men?

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If not, you might want to investigate the love information on this web site. It could be that your friends are right! Sometimes friends and family can give a more objective opinion.

Do you find that your frustration with your husband is increasing because he doesn’t listen to you?

Frustrated husband and wife.

On LoveExpert.net you may find the very tools to help you become a better communicator!








According to Merriam-Webster’s Definition in the Dictionary of Law, an expert is a “person with special or superior skill or knowledge in a particular field.

I have been asked on occasion about my qualifications as a love expert, and while I am academically accomplished, my greatest source of knowledge is personal experience coupled with a romantic leaning. I’ve been in many a college class with students who were absolutely brilliant, yet they were not well suited to working with couples, or in the area of love relationships because they lacked compassion and personal understanding.

This is a web site for individuals that want to get it right, that is, for individuals that want to enhance the quality of their love relationships where ever they are in the continuum.  The continuum of love, as I see it, is that individuals are looking for love, working to improve and/or endure with in the context of a relationship, considering getting out of a relationship, recovering from the loss of a relatationship, back into the dating arena and/or seeking to live a fulfilling life with out a specific significant other.  

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Do you . . . . .

1. Think that love has passed you by because you are over 40 and are a few pounds over weight?
2. Think about having an affair sometimes because your husband is no longer interested in sex, and your libido is going crazy?
3. Think that your live-in boyfriend is lazy and you are tired of him expecting you to cover all the monthly expenses?
4. Think that you made a mistake and that your two-year marriage is a farce?
5. Think that your husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend?
6. Think that you want to have children and your husband says he wants to save money, but secretly he doesn’t want to have kids at all?
7. Think that your husband is too attached to his Mother?
8. Think that you may be gay, but don’t want to tell anyone, including your boyfriend?
9. Think that you would like to share your life with a man, but not interested in remarriage?
10. Think that your boyfriend drinks too much?
11. Think that your husband thinks too much about his old girlfriends and not enough about you?
12. Think that your boyfriend might know that you got drunk and slept with his brother?
13. Think that you will never be able to be in a love relationship after your nasty divorce?
14. Think that your husband is way too involved with sports?
15. Think that is you got your teeth fixed and bleached your hair blond that your husband would have a resurgence of interest in you?
16. Think that your financial situation is creating a lot of stress in your marriage?
17. Think that your step children would be better off living with their mother but don’t tell your husband for fear he would be upset with you?
18. Think that you would like to go back to school to complete your education that was interrupted because of the birth of your children?
19. Think that you are losing your mind because of menopause, and are worried about the impact on your family?
20. Think that your husband’s illness is not improving and want to be supportive of him but you may not be up to the challenge?
21. Think that you will never get over the day your husband walked out on you and your children?
22. Think that you will lose your mind if you don’t get a break from your crazy in-laws?
23. Think that your boyfriend treats his dog better than you?
24. Think that living with HIV is beyond difficult for your husband?
25. Think that your family problems are negatively impacting on your marriage and want to fix the problem but don’t know how.
26. Think that your family and friends will dis-own you when they find out your are dating someone outside of your race.
27. Think that you will never make any new girlfriends in your new neighborhood, and your husband doesn’t understand your loneliness.
28. Think that you would like to bring more fun into your love relationship but after a hard days work, children and other responsibilities you are not sure how to accomplish your goal.
29. Think that because you are over 70 and are widowed that you will never go out on a date again?

If you or someone you know are thinking about these things (and more love related concerns) this may very well be the web site for you.

Please note that the information and/or advice given on loveexpert.net is for informational
and educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace therapy of any kind


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